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Looking for ways to SIMPLIFY?

Are you tired of keeping-up-with-the-Jones because you can hardly keep up with YOURSELF? Are you tired of searching for a BETTER WAY to live...?


Hi there ~ my name is Rhonda Erwin. And what I have to offer you, is HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT! I would love to share with you what God has shared with me:

How to find SPACE TO BREATHE in today's chaotic world.

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Listener Feedback

"Praise God for this wonderful cup of Calm in my busy life." 

- Wendy A.

"Rhonda I really appreciate your posts each day. They help inspire me every morning. They say a lot in a few words." 

- Cheryl B.

"Every day you provide wonderful inspiration from God’s Word to encourage, comfort, and challenge us. Thanks for an amazing reminder of God’s grace and strength." 

- Edward E.

"Thank you Rhonda. I’m so glad our heavenly Father loving comes to us when our hearts are straining from disappointment and flips our perspective!" 

- Lauren R.

"This was so what I needed at this time... can’t tell you the hours of sleep I've lost. It was like you and God knew what I needed. I appreciate it so very much." 

- Carolyn C.

"Thank you Rhonda for turning me from fear and anger -- to prayer and praise even in my distress!!! Bless you for all You do!!!" 

- Gail P.


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Step Into God's Spa

Jesus Invites You Personally

Are you looking for SOOTHING PASSAGES of Scripture? Or verses that quietly REFRESH your mind, as you take a much needed break? Are you looking for something DIFFERENT?

This devotional book offers you a NEW PERSPECTIVE for looking at your walk with God. It's just you and Him, in His carefully built Spa...

For God is NOT

 a God of confusion

 ...but of PEACE.

~ 1 Corinthians 14:33